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AdPlexity Push Review – Quick Summary

What You Like the Best 

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What You Dislike 

Your competitors must be using this software! 

Browse via AdPlexity Push Reviews to acquire the success spell, which your competitor might be using to stay ahead in business. Now it’s your turn to beat competitors in their own game. 

AdPlexity Push Reviews In Detail 

Get advertising promotion affiliate deals from 100 affiliate networks within a single click. Provides you the option to search by terms, advertisers, publishers, affiliate networks, and other criteria you may wish to choose. AdPlexity Push Review will help you to monitor your competitors’ most profitable push traffic ad campaigns. Improve your marketing decisions by discovering what ads are already working. Get detailed information on profitable push campaigns. View campaigns in over 80 nations, covering every major country. 

What makes AdPlexity Push the best?

Download every landing page and its dependencies in a zip file directly from their user interface quickly and easily. Discover hidden initiatives that rely solely on mobile carrier traffic (90+ carriers are supported). Find all campaigns run by a particular affiliate/advertiser. Your competitors might be using this software and now it’s your turn to pay them back in the same coin by simply signing up with Adplexity Push. This software is meant for those entrepreneurs who wish to conduct extensive research, imitate, and finally innovate to stay ahead of the competition.  

Review on the AdPlexity Push Products 

You have the option to filter by keyword. On the landing page, look for ads that have the desired keyword. Search for ads supporting a specific deal or discover all campaigns conducted by a fellow affiliate/advertiser to score brownie points over your counterparts. View all advertisements that are now running on a specific website or publisher. View campaigns that promote affiliate network offers. See affiliate network and tracking tool for a specific landing page. Look at which offers are being promoted on the landing page to stand apart from your competitors. Download every landing page with page dependencies in a zip file directly from their user interface – no more ripping required. 

AdPlexity Push Pricing 

AdPlexity Push has a single monthly flat rate. There are no hidden fees. AdPlexity Push is really simple to use. A total game-changer for mobile, desktop, and native intelligence is available at an affordable pricing of $149 per month. The best part of all is that you can save up to 17% or in a nutshell, get two months of free service when you sign up for an annual plan.   


Is AdPlexity Push Legit? 

Yes, they are genuine and pleased to offer the most robust infrastructure available on the market and allow you to monitor campaigns from more than 90 carriers. Adplexity Push offers you an immaculate service that shows you which advertisements are running on carrier traffic. Most detailed statistics and filtering options for individual campaigns, based on maximum data collection for facilitating no-holds-barred research.  

Is AdPlexity Push Worth It?

Discover profitable ads that are running on 10 or more push traffic sources. Not to mention that all of their data is in real-time. An interface that is powerful but simple to utilize. All landing pages can be downloaded with a single click. Chat and email help are available. Analyze thousands of successful campaigns from all major push traffic sources.

Is AdPlexity Push A Good Brand?

You can view the exact adverts that appear in hundreds of places on both wifi and carrier traffic thanks to their cutting-edge technology. Although, they don’t have any trial periods available right now. You can, however, sign up, and if you decide it isn’t for you, you can request a refund within the first 24 hours. 

Final Thought About AdPlexity Push

With push advertising figuring among the most rapidly moving businesses; it is practically hard to stay on top of the current trends sans the assistance of some type of competitive intelligence. With AdPlexity, you can gain a complete understanding of what is working for your competition, and leverage that information in your own campaigns to save both time and money. It’s akin to targeting two birds with a stone! 

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