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Lacroix Boards Review – Quick Summary

What You Like the Best 

  • Thoughtfully crafted, Lacroix boards are high-performance machines that marry strength, sophistication, and the highest quality materials with cutting-edge technology.
  • Lacroix Boards are the epitome of sophistication and strength in the skate world, offering an excellent riding experience in any contour you want to conquer.
  • Each Lacroix board adjusts beauty with the best carving feeling so you can shred during your weekend off-road adventures or explore your town in style.

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What You Dislike  

  • Electric skateboards may be hard to drive if there is heavy rain or snow. However, they are very light, and on average, weigh only a few pounds, which makes them very suitable to carry.

Let us read the complete Lacroix Boards review to know more about the product in detail.

Lacroix Boards Reviews In Detail

Lacroix means ‘the cross’ in French and was born through sheer passion and obsession for searching the link between snowboarding, surfing, and all things carving on land. After furbishing the world for the best electric skateboard. Lacroix developed out of the need for aesthetically refined, and quality electric skateboards focused on creating the ultimate endless wave experience. They consumed a lot of time testing their boards on Camilien-Houde road, its long 4.2 km hill. They handle panels for 25 years advantage (skateboards, snowboards, kiteboards, longboards, fat skis, surfboards) and complement their passion for technology with their love for any board strapped to their feet.

What makes Lacroix Boards the best?

  • Lacroix Boards is one of the best online stations where you will perceive higher-ranking electric skateboards at budget-friendly prices.
  • Lacroix Boards provides water-resistant electric skateboards. It has a foam liner on the deck’s perimeter to protect all the electronics that get caught riding in the rain.
  • Their skateboards come with a new self-tensioning belt drive system.
  • Lacroix Boards electric skateboard also comes with an optional 18S 12amp charger that charges it fully in less than 2 hours.
  • Lacroix Boards lets you download the Xiaoxiang BMS app in the play store band also available for checking battery information or performance.
  • Hub motors install into the wheels, and the board can be “kicked” like a regular skateboard if the battery runs out.
  • The battery is allowed to deliver on airplanes but always check with your airline before travel.
  • The large and soft wheels absorb vibrations and guarantee a good grip.
  • The motors are tranquil, highly efficient, dust protected, and water-resistant (not to be confused with waterproof!).
  • Lacroix Boards arrive with smooth acceleration and braking as well as fast startup and powerful climbing.
  • Store pioneer R3 remote control with OLED display for status, device settings and wheel size, and “cruise control” mode.
  • Lacroix Boards deck beautifully conceals the electric system powered by patent-pending Power Flex battery technology and the best 18650 lithium-ion battery cells available.

Review on the Best Lacroix Boards Products

  • Lonestar Supersport – The Lonestar Supersport is at ease on the racetrack as it is off-road and anywhere in midway. Switch through the modes on the remote, and in the same minute, it’s either a chill carver or a demon on an uphill speed run. It has the twist of the meanest mountain board with the top speed of the quickest race board.
  • Nazare – The Nazaré Supersport features by default our new self-tensioning motor mount. This powerhouse boasts a 18S4P battery pack made of top-shelf Molicel P42A cells sporting 1073Wh. Between 20 and 40 real-world miles on a single charge, depending on your ride style and weight. 
  • Nazare Lonestar – The Nazaré Lonestar™ arrive for the outdoor adventurers, the urban explorers, the thrill-seekers. For those who want to go where their heart takes them. On-road or offroad, it doesn’t care. Go anywhere you want. Putting 96 jumbo cells under your feet is preposterous, and it’s what we did because adventure hates to charge.

Lacroix Boards Pricing

  • Lonestar Supersport – Lacroix Boards offers Lonestar Supersport that is born out of their obsession with finding and pushing limits available for $4,399.99.
  • Nazare – The store offers underwater Nazare Canyon with a maximum depth of 5,000 meters (16,000 ft) and about 230 kilometers (140 mi) long available for $3,349.99.
  • Nazare Lonestar – The store offers Nazare Lonestar access to un-skied mountain ranges far in the depths of Patagonia, Mongolia, or Iceland, available for $3,999.99.


Is Lacroix Boards Legit? 

Lacroix Boards offers more riding modes than ever before, allowing riders of any level to safely wander the product and have the ability to adjust their riding mode while riding to suit conditions and maximize efficiency. Use ‘ECO’ mode for easy operation and a safe, top speed, perfect for beginners and those riders wanting a relaxed ride with the most extended ride times. Use ‘PRO’ mode to whizz past traffic and turn your commute into your daily adrenaline rush hour. If you dare, switch to GTR mode to unleash insane power and acceleration with the ability to climb hills of up to 25% gradient.

Is Lacroix Boards Worth It?

Lacroix Boards offers more flexibility for the riding enthusiast than ever before with a new airline-friendly swappable battery choice for those who want to take their Boards with them when traveling. Now you can also track and share your rides and compete against the worldwide community on the new Explore by Lacroix, along with over-the-air updates for IOS and Android phones. Unlike other boards on the market, the Lacroix Boards is compatible with their All Terrain Kit, which completely changes the feeling by opening up a world of new paths for you to explore.

Do Lacroix Boards provide International Shipping? 

Lacroix Boards products are delivered speedily across the globe. Every order ships on the current day or the following day. If you place your purchase on a weekend or a holiday, it will be processed the next business day—monitored mail service utilized to send all packages. Within 48 hours of your shipment, you will receive a tracking number.  You can use this tracking code to know the current status of your shipment.

Final Thought About Lacroix Boards

Lacroix Boards was born out of one man’s passion for finding the perfect tool to unwind. They are the only electric skateboard company with global flagship stores and regular community events and competitions. In the last 25 years, we’ve been designing, testing, and optimizing each part of their boards. They make it struggle-free to find high-quality dual-drive electric skateboards and accessories online. Lacroix Boards Review works for providing an electric skateboard that meets high quality and safety. They believe in pricing their products reasonably, having them promptly, and standing behind them with unconditional guarantees. Lacroix luxuriates in going above and beyond for their customers by ensuring they get a consistently exceptional product.

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